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        首頁 > 標準大全 > ASTM G169-2021標準詳情

        ASTM G169-2021測試標準

        (該標準已經被ASTM G169-2021替代)
          本頁面標準信息均來源于網絡收集,或由參與標準制定的供應商提供,只作為參考使用。我們愿意和您交流ASTM G169-2021標準細節信息或ASTM G169-2021測試方法,歡迎致電【18566398802】

        ASTM G169-2021標準介紹

        ASTM G169-2021發行信息

        標準號ASTM G169-01(2021)


        英文名Standard Guide for Application of Basic Statistical Methods to Weathering Tests





        國際標準分類號19.040 (Environmental testing)


        ASTM G169-2021適用范圍

        The correct use of statistics as part of a weathering program can greatly increase the usefulness of results. A basic understanding of statistics is required for the study of weathering performance data. Proper experimental design and statistical analysis strongly enhances decision-making ability. In weathering, there are many uncertainties brought about by exposure variability, method precision and bias, measurement error, and material variability. Statistical analysis is used to help decide which products are better, which test methods are most appropriate to gauge end use performance, and how reliable the results are.

        Results from weathering exposures can show differences between products or between repeated testing. These results may show differences which are not statistically significant. The correct use of statistics on weathering data can increase the probability that valid conclusions are derived.

        1.1''This guide covers elementary statistical methods for the analysis of data common to weathering experiments. The methods are for decision making, in which the experiments are designed to test a hypothesis on a single response variable. The methods work for either natural or laboratory weathering.

        1.2''Only basic statistical methods are presented. There are many additional methods which may or may not be applicable to weathering tests that are not covered in this guide.

        1.3''This guide is not intended to be a manual on statistics, and therefore some general knowledge of basic and intermediate statistics is necessary. The text books referenced at the end of this guide are useful for basic training.

        1.4''This guide does not provide a rigorous treatment of the material. It is intended to be a reference tool for the application of practical statistical methods to real-world problems that arise in the field of durability and weathering. The focus is on the interpretation of results. Many books have been written on introductory statistical concepts and statistical formulas and tables. The reader is referred to these for more detailed information. Examples of the various methods are included. The examples show typical weathering data for illustrative purposes, and are not intended to be representative of specific materials or exposures.

        1.5''This international standard was developed in accordance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.






        溫馨提醒:本ASTM G169-2021可能存在更新的版本,建議尋找ASTM G169-2021的發行商確認。


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